NAMLI PLASTIK SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Ajika Cups, Appetizer Cups, Bowl, Buckets, Butter Cups, Cheese Cups, Food Packages, Halva Cups
INNOCAP PLASTIK AMBALAJ SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI. Plastic Bottle, Plastic Closure, Hdpe Bottle, Jerry Can, Screw Cap, Closure, Lid, Cap
YKC PLASTIK AMBALAJ VE KAPAK SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Plastic Packaging, Plastic Cap, Cap, Aseptic Cap, Plastic Cover, Cover, Glass Bottle Cap, Bottle Cap
TEKBAY KALIP MAKINA PLASTIK VE SAC SAN. TIC. LTD. STI. Pet Jar, Plastic Water Bottle, Mold, Plastic Mould, Mould, Glass Carboy Pipe, Carboy Pump, Solar Energy System

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Berca Metal Kapak San. Ve Tic. A.S. Turkey's leading company in the production of aluminum cover packaging world took steps in 1966. Starting with the production of aluminum screw caps in Topkapi - Gumussuyu facilities at first with the investments it has made in a short time, it has continued to develop rapidly by adding Aluminum cap production used in the packaging of Food and Pharmaceutical Industry products to its product range.
Ozturk Ilac San. Ve Tic. A.S. is able to conduct all kinds of Aerosol filling in-house. Our factory, built in Hadimkoy on our own property is giving service at 12.000 square meters of closed area. Its weekly production capacity, with 2 underground LPG tanks and 4 automatic filling machines, is 1.700.000 pieces aerosol cans. We are targeting weekly 300.000 pieces of filling with 1 gel filing machine which newly started production, weekly 250.000 pieces of filling with 1 gel filling machine, 100.000 pieces production with 1 liquid filling unit. Although number of our workers increase seasonally, it is 120 people in average. Aiming to give the most rapid service to its customers, OZTURK ILAC, by manufacturing caps of its own products itself with 8 injection machines, 4 injection folding machines, and 2 injection inflation machines in its own facility and by establishing TIN-CAN AMBALAJ SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Firm in 2003 to start can manufacturing, has become fully vertical. It has enriched its wide product range next to its own brands by manufacturing private label brands in accordance with demands of its customers. We are exporting 85% of our production to 78 countries on 5 continents. New products are being added as aerosol by R&D within its own establishment. By proving its system’s quality in 2006 with ISO-9001-2000 Quality Management System in2006, unconditional customer satisfaction has become the most fundamental objective for OZTURK ILAC.
Our company, which has been engaged in various commercial activities since 1950, started its activities with the production of aseptic covers in 2009 as YKC Plastik®. By increasing the variety of products in a very short period of time, it has been able to meet the needs of the sector to a large extent within its own product groups. To the production wield, which we have begun with aseptic cap group, added high technology products such as defense industry, electrical and electronics. By bringing together the knowledge and experience of the past with the latest technology, integrating the industry 4.0 model production, it responds to the demands and needs of the sector in high quality, fast and economical manner. These capabilities enable us to advance in the field of plastic production and to gain a solid and reliable place.
NAMLI Plastic; with is experience and trained staff has been specialized in the plastic packaging industry by continuous improvement since 2010. NAMLI is one of the leading plastic manufacturer in Turkey. NAMLI offers customized packaging design with it’s thermoform packaging and IML injection packaging production; aims the highest level of customer satisfaction with it’s professional team and high quality. To meet the customer demands NAMLI apply the international quality standards without any exception.
We are producing pet bottles, pet jars, pet preforms, flip top caps, push pull caps, Kinds of plastic caps, and kinds of plastic products also inside of the company we have mould company. we can do about pet and plastic anything.
Our Company INNOCAP PLASTIC is the manufacturer and exporter of HDPE Bottles, jerry cans and vented screw caps and providing custom moulding services. We are one of the leading companies providing solutions in the agricultural&chemical sector in Turkey. "We have already experience in export business, particularly in European, Asian, Middle East market